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The Maryland Self-Insurers' & Employers' Compensation Association (MSIECA) represents the interests of Maryland employers in an ongoing effort to promote sound public policy and the highest standards of professional administration of Workers' Compensation in Maryland.


MSIECA is the only organization that retains the services of a professional, registered lobbyist for the sole purpose of influencing Workers' Compensation legislation on behalf of Maryland's employers.


Members are encouraged to attend and testify at bill hearings before the Senate Finance and House Economic Matters Committees during the Legislative session Jan - April.


Members benefit from the professional resources and knowledge available through association with experienced individuals representing Maryland's largest employers and leading service organizations.


MSIECA has been the recognized leader in the Maryland business community's effort to reform Maryland's Workers' Compensation Law. Since the first phase of these changes took effect in 1987, Maryland's ranking among other states for the cost of Workers' Compensation has improved from the 5th most costly to rank among the lowest cost states today. MSIECA continues to lead the effort to improve workers' compensation in areas such as reducing fraud and denial of benefits when the cause of injury is due to the claimant's use of drugs and alcohol.


Of the utmost importance is the fact that none of the many unfavorable legislative proposals that are annually submitted have been given serious consideration due to the thoughtful and compelling testimony and documentation provided by MSIECA's member


Annual Conference

• Legislative Dinner Meeting in Annapolis

• Luncheon with the Commissioners 

• Monthly Luncheon Meetings



          Every member plays an important role in the Association’s efforts to shape the future of Maryland’s program/system for Workers’ Compensation.  Our schedule of activities brings members into direct contact with key legislators, government officials and regulators at both the state and federal level.  These officials developed a high degree of confidence and respect for the information and direction that they receive from the knowledgeable professionals associated with MSIECA.